More Than Kegels

May 1, 2019 6:30pm 

Maybe you’ve been thinking “I should really do something about this leaking when I sneeze” or maybe sex hasn’t been comfortable in years. Maybe you’ve thought that you don’t want to end up like your mom or aunt who had to have surgery after menopause.

“You should do you kegels” is often the only advice we get when it comes to incontinence, pain and prolapse. There are some people who say “don’t do kegels, do squats.” It’s confusing and wait- I don’t even know how to do a kegel!”

If any of this sounds familiar, this is the workshop for you!

What You Will Learn: 
– what is the pelvic floor
– symptoms if it’s not working as well as it should be
– why kegels are NOT the answer
– how you can begin to gain control of your pelvic floor in everyday activities
– how what you’re eating & drinking can help support a healthy pelvis

This workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning more about a healthy pelvis. Babes in arms are welcome.

This workshop is FREE but space is limited, so please register ahead of time to secure your spot. Register Today! Space is limited to 10 spots and this workshop often fills up. 

Let’s face it, there is a lot of bad information out there on how to address your “mummy tummy” after pregnancy. Advice is often contradictory and overwhelming; some is actually harmful and can make your separation worse!

What You Will Learn:
    • You will learn exactly a diastsis recti is and what it means
    • Learn essential steps to healing your abdominal separation
    • Get a proper diastasis screening by a women’s health specialist
  • Get your questions answered so you can feel confident that you can move forward with the activities you love to do!
This workshop is appropriate for newly postpartum women, pregnant women as well as women who have been postpartum for years! It is never too late!
The workshop will be held at Rosemont Wellness Center. There is easy parking, babes in arms welcome and please wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in!
Thursday February 28, 2019 730pm-830pm
This 60min workshop is $15.

Register Today! Space is limited to 10 spots and this workshop often sells out.

[pre] menopause

What. When. How

[pre]meno workshop (2)

November 14, 2018 6:30pm

When we are feeling great– vibrant and full of energy, we can assume that our hormones are in balance and our systems are humming along as they are meant to.

It is when we feel like our moods are all over the place, have low energy, brain fog and lost libido, we can assume that our hormones may be out of whack. This can be a sign that we are in [pre]menopause, or it may be a sign of something else.

What You Will Learn:
    • What exactly is [pre]menopause, what hormones and systems are involved and what might be symptoms of [pre]menopause.
    • When does it begin and how long it may last
  • How to minimize the symptoms of [pre]menopause and prepare for menopause

This workshop is particularly geared for women between the age of 35-55 who are experiencing mood swings, brain fog, low energy, weight gain and low libido.

However, this workshop is appropriate for women of any age who want to prepare for menopause, prevent symptoms and effects of hormonal changes and preserve a vital sense of well being.
The workshop will be held at Rosemont Wellness Center. There is easy parking, babes in arms welcome and please wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in!
This 90min workshop is $25.

Register Today! Space is limited


A Healthy Pelvis


Join us to learn more about your pelvic floor and how to maintain a healthy pelvis from pregnancy through menopause!

Discover the many ways you can support your health from a variety of practitioners, including:

Brenda Surbian, CPM, Sacopee Midwives will discuss anatomy and function of the pelvic floor

Allison Poole, PT, Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness will discuss common signs and symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction and how pelvic floor PT can help get you back to a full, active lifestyle.

Allyson Coffin, DC, Align with Wellness, will discuss Pelvic pain solutions, how proper structure and support can make huge changes in our lives as women.

Amy Kilburn, Personal Trainer, Sunrise Fitness will be discussing the importance of fitness during pregnancy to maintain the deep core and pelvic floor, helping to prepare for labor, and tips for how and when to get back into a healthy and strong fitness routine.

Hannah Newman, Practitioner of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy will discuss how the Mayan technique of abdominal massage works to realign abdominal and pelvic organs and relieve constriction, which can impede the normal flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi.

Louise Jorgensen, teacher in awareness based movement and dance will take us through a movement demonstration of ‘Dancing the Internal Body’ or Fleming Technique.

Keeping it In While You Are Working Out

IMG_2161Learn about the common causes, myths and solutions to incontinence with exercise. 

Does the idea of box jumps, jump ropes or heavy weights make you run for the bathroom? Incontinence while working out is a common issue, (and not just for women who’ve had babies).

Learn about the common causes, myths and solutions to incontinence with exercise. In this workshop, we’ll dive into the anatomy of the pelvic floor and what actually makes up the “core” as well as common symptoms you may be experiencing during exercise and what that may mean. Most importantly, we’ll discuss solutions to help you exercise more confidently.

I will be collaborating with Noah Harrison, PT, DPT owner of Portland Integrative Physical Therapy for this workshop. Noah has extensive training in a variety of rehabilitative approaches. His current treatment approach combines traditional orthopeadic manual therapy, elements of progressive strength training, Postural Restoration, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, and Functional Movement Systems.


I Had My Baby, Now What About Me?

A 3 Part Series for Optimal Healing Following Childbirth

Discover why your body can’t just “bounce back” after pregnancy and learn strategies that you can begin to implement NOW (and save yourself frustration later).

Learn the best ways to hold your body and your baby without hurting yourself.

Find your abs again and learn the correct way to begin to strengthen your core to get you back to the activities you love sooner.

This workshop is geared toward newly postpartum and expectant moms. We’ll meet at Rosemont Wellness Center on Mondays at 10am. There is easy parking, babes in arms welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing you can easily move in!