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This is what we know to be true, if you allow yourself the space to heal, you can and you will. Here is what some of our clients, we have had the honor of working with, have to say:

“Allison was such a pleasure to work with! She made me feel comfortable and answered any questions I had. She took the time to truly listen to what I was experiencing and taught me about habitual changes and things I could do on my own at home to help my symptoms. I am most grateful for the knowledge she provided about how the pelvic floor works. If you’re experiencing pelvic floor symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to Allison!”


“This was critical therapy for me and I did not even know the extent of it until I met Allison. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s important to preserve our vitality and confidence as we get older. If we are willing to go to the gym, watch our nutrition, and seek out other therapies, this should be on the top of our lists! I was happy to give up my self diagnosing and let Allison guide me through my healing journey. Thank you!”


Kristin K.

“Allison is excellent! She listens carefully, holds space gracefully, and provides carefully considered exercises to provide building blocks for notable improvement.”



“Allison’s guidance has been tremendously effective for me. She helped me clearly understand what was causing my issue and then created a strengthening routine that was easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. Six months after my first appointment I feel so much better!”


Amy J.

“Allison is the best. I have worked with her off and on over the past three years. I first saw her when I was about 10 months postpartum and my pelvic floor still wasn’t feeling anywhere near back to normal. Allison made me feel comfortable during a very vulnerable time, and through her very approachable and realistic physical therapy recommendations I saw improvement in my condition within a couple of months. After the birth of my second child, she provided some super helpful movement and nutrition tips that helped me get back to a comfortable baseline much more quickly. I highly recommend working with her!”


Nicole H.

“Allison has helped me at multiple points in my physical wellness journey after becoming a mom. I was first in her care after the birth of my second child when I needed help re-strengthening my core to treat and prevent nagging back pain I was experiencing with all the pumping, nursing, carrying of little ones, and poor ergonomic positioning back at work (she is amazing not just for pelvic floor help!). Allison is kind, smart, professional and extremely helpful. She listens with true concern and empathy and gets you back to feeling great. I have continued to see her periodically with new issues as they arise and with each visit, she continues her wonderful, warm, practical approach to patient care. She is a joy and comfort to work with. Do yourself a favor and make and appointment!”


Rachel G.

“Allison helped me recover from post sling surgery pain … she was truly amazing. I never thought I could be pain free , she uses common sense gentle therapy …videos and guide lines that make sense and are easy to accomplish. One can DO it … I had tried more main line PT … while there is a place for that … with delicate female issues Allison’s knowledge and application were spot on .. different and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend her.”



“After 3 visits with Allison, I saw a significant improvement in my condition, I possessed the much needed education of my pelvic floor, and I had the tools to maintain and further my progress on my own.  Allison is pleasant and easy to work with, knowledgeable, thorough and organized.  I would highly recommend her for any pelvic floor needs.”



“Allison Poole is amazing! When I first started working with her I was struggling to get through each day with my little kids. I couldn’t carry them or go for walks with them without significant discomfort. I showed up in tears, scared that I would never be able to do all the things I wanted to do in my life. She was warm, caring, and excellent listener. I felt respected and understood. Working with Allison, it was immediately clear that she is a highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioner. I left that first appointment crying tears of relief, feeling confident that I could recover my physical abilities. With Allison’s support and guidance I am in better physical shape than I have been in years and I understand the physiology of my pelvic floor and my body so much more.”



“I was late in my first pregnancy, driving to work while listening to a podcast when I learned that pelvic floor physical therapists even existed. I was worried I had diastasis recti because of some coning I was noticing in my belly while being active accompanied by hip and pelvis pain. I did an online search and found Allison.

The first meeting was very informative with easy takeaways that I felt I could fit into my busy schedule. Our plan, since I was so late in the pregnancy was to meet up again after baby was born. Little did I know that the birth of my son would bring about its own list of issues for me: from the 3rd degree tear I had that lead to bladder emptying issues, to the strained ligaments around my tailbone that caused me to be unable to sit or drive for about a month.

Allison was great! She answered my midnight emails sent to her during my first couple of weeks postpartum, when I was freaking out and needed someone on my healthcare team to help me understand my injuries and give me tangible advice on what I could do to help myself. Allison had me working on healing before I even was able to drive to see her, which made our first meeting postpartum very productive.

She also helped me feel empowered to give my body the patience and grace it deserved during this time. Each time we met was more valuable than the last, and she held my baby when I had to bring him to appointments! I love the app she uses to give me my exercises too, I can just log in and see all of her recommendations and advice from our visits all in one place. I can’t recommend pelvic floor PT more, especially from Allison!”



“Allison is absolutely amazing. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and from the moment you walk in the door, she makes you feel completely comfortable. I highly recommend working with her!”



“Allison is so compassion and wise, and our sessions provided me with so much healing. She explains everything in a clear and understandable way, connects the pelvic floor work to whole-body wellness, and made me feel empowered as a patient. Thank you Allison!”



“I call Allison my earth angel of a physical therapist. I had been diagnosed with a progressive neuromuscular disease but she believes in the body’s tremendous capacity to heal and told me I was not destined to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair! She is kind, compassionate, gentle and incredibly knowledgeable about the art and science of physical therapy and how to help mind, body and soul to heal. In addition to helping to diminish my pain, help restore my mind/body connection and prescribe a home exercise program on which I could build after being discharged from her care, I went on to run the 2009 Boston Marathon. Allison instills a sense of hope and confidence when hope may seem to be lost.”


Mary M.

“Allison was the first dr who really took my pain seriously and worked with me instead of talking at me. She is incredible kind and gentle and helpful, she made sense of things that had been happening in my body for years. And she also went above and beyond to support me in my personal causes, she’s the real deal! If you’re looking to support women who are supporting women, this is your doctor.”



“I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first child, and I started working with Allison proactively a few months ago. I had already been suffering with some pelvic floor issues and wanted to address them before birth so they wouldn’t get worse. I wish I had started working with her long ago! She is so thorough in her explanations, and she follows up with such encouraging support. I have learned so much about my body and my habits, and I am so grateful that I know what I know before the birth of my baby. I have no doubt that Allison’s expertise will help make my birth easier and support healing during my postpartum time! Thank you, Allison!”



“Allison offers a free phone consult to discuss needs and explore the best approach for a solution. Her explanations in layman’s terms of the body was extremely helpful to understand the symptoms. Her laidback, soothing personality made it easy to discuss issues that might be uncomfortable to talk about with someone you hardly know. I’d recommend her to all my friends with female issues. Her seminars on the pelvic floor are also quite beneficial.”


Susan W.

“I would recommend Allison to anyone who is looking for the best treatment in pelvic floor therapy. The experience has been wonderful since the onset. The initial phone consultation was a breath of fresh air. Allison is knowledgable, a good listener, professional and nothing about her makes you feel akward even though you are sharing very intimate details of your health. You can tell that she enjoys her work and is passionate about helping her clients get well. Unlike other PT’s, she provided me with follow up notes and instructions through an online portal. This has been crucial in helping me to maintain a consistent PT routine. I highly recommend Koru if you are in need of pelvic floor therapy!”



“I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Allison after the birth of my second son. Contrary to what I was told by literally almost everyone, my second labor and delivery was much different (and way harder) than my first. We were blessed with a healthy baby boy but I struggled with months of trying to heal from injuries I never expected to suffer from. Allison is an expert listener. Her office is a judge free zone. She pride herself on debunking the “scary” postpartum days and empowers you to slowly (and safely) work towards healing. She is knowledgeable and professional. She is resourceful and well-connected. She is a person you want on your team! She will forever be a person whom I respect both personally and professionally.”



“In 2016 I had the copper IUD inserted. It didn’t go well from the beginning and six months later I found out it was attached to my uterus and it had to be removed. Then I tried a second time and that didn’t go well and also attached to my uterus and had to be removed.

Flash forward to 2019:  I’ve been enduring pelvic pain for three years, researching like a crazy person coming up with all these self-diagnoses of what it could be. Do I have cysts? Is it endometriosis? Finally I came to the conclusion that I had pelvic organ prolapse. I panicked. And in this panic I also discovered that pelvic PTs exist. I asked my best friend who she had seen and I got the life changing recommendation to see Allison.

My quality of life has improved drastically since my first appointment with this seriously amazing woman! Turns out I did not have POP, but just really really tight pelvic floor muscles and scar tissue causing nerve pain. Finally everything made sense. I don’t know if anyone could have explained it as well as Allison did. She knew immediately, after asking just a few questions, what I had been dealing with for three years.

Since my initial appointment four months ago, I have almost fully recovered and I am now 99% pain free throughout the month. Allison gave me the tools I needed to heal myself and after a month I had made almost a full recovery. I can never fully express my gratitude for Allison and the work she does. She is truly incredible. She is so knowledgeable and has the gift of being able to explain such complex information in a way that anyone can understand. Every time I visit her for a check in I feel like I’m going to see a friend. I can not recommend Allison enough. She brings so much hope to the world of women’s wellness.” 



“When I first saw Allison, I had been dealing with a bladder prolapse and stress incontinence for 8.5 years. 8.5 years! I had been to a PT after the birth of my first child but had seen limited results after a regime that relied heavily on kegels. Fast forward two more babies and a few more years and I knew that I needed to get this under control. I wanted to return to running without the worry of leaking. Allison was so informative, explaining how the pelvic floor functions within the whole body. After a few sessions with her, consistent homework on my end and a pessary to help support my body, I am now leak free. It feels almost unbelievable to me that I can run (hard, uphills or even when really hydrated) without any problems. I didn’t realize how interfering it was until it wasn’t a problem anymore. I’m even heading to the trampoline park with my kids…to jump. That’s right. I’m gonna jump on a trampoline and I’ve had 3 kids. If that’s not testament to Allison amazing skills as a therapist, I don’t know what is.”



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