This is what I know to be true, if you allow yourself the space to heal, you can and you will. Here is what some of the women I have had the honor of working with have to say:

I can’t believe what a difference just a few visits with Allison has changed my body!  I was 6 years postpartum after having three babies and figured it was time to take care of myself a little better. Since giving birth I have dealt with leaking issues whenever I cough, sneeze or wait too long to go to the bathroom.  I knew that I was also going to the bathroom way too often!  Somehow I wrote this off to be “normal.”  After just a few visits with Allison I have learned so much about and have a greater appreciation for my pelvic floor.  Thank you so much Allison!  Not only is she knowledgeable about her work, but she explains it all in a way that I can understand!   Every woman deserves to see Allison!  


“Months after the birth of my son I was feeling a lot of pressure and bulging on my perineum – this discomfort was detrimental to my everyday life and I knew that this didn’t have to be my “new normal”. Allison helped me to confirm this and showed me so many practical ways to incorporate pelvic floor health into my everyday routines. Being able to carry my son without feeling discomfort is such a gift! Allison also helped me learn to be forgiving of myself on days when I just couldn’t find the time to be as intentional about my pelvic floor health. Working with Allison has helped me feel so connected to my pelvic floor and given me many tools to help maintain that connection.” 


Allison Poole’s pelvic floor physical therapy services at Koru PT have been LIFE-CHANGING. I only recently even heard of pelvic floor PT and had lots of questions about what it is, who it’s for, and what the background of the PT practicing it would be. But, after years of multiple OB/GYNs not taking my concerns around pain seriously, I was willing to try anything to address pain issues.

Allison has a beautiful and well organized website where it was easy to book my first appointment. I signed up for the intro package which included the first assessment, 2 follow-up appointments, and a phone consultation all at heavily reduced prices and I’m glad I chose this option. Her office is a lovely, comfortable space and I appreciated the initial thorough discussion of my background, and then her in-depth explanation of pelvic floor PT, how she works, and what to expect. She has this great 3D model of the various layers of muscle and tissue that make up the pelvic floor which was really helpful to visualize.

For the physical part of the assessment she could not have made me feel more comfortable and explained each step before doing anything. She was able to pinpoint the location and movements involved in my pain right away, which was a huge relief because 1) it was validating to finally have a medical professional acknowledge that the pain was real, and 2) now that I understood the where and why of the pain I could FINALLY address it!

She gave me a ton of exercises (some were similar to adapted yoga-like stretches that target my problem areas, others were breath-based, and others were physical related to stretching extra-tight muscles), tools, and resources. I left feeling so empowered. She helpfully sends an email with a personalized page of all the of these resources and explanations/reminders of how to use each.

Results? After actually following up with my homework and resources: no. more. pain.

Life changed.

Julie L.

Since the pelvis is the seat of a woman’s power and whole body health, I sought out Allison for a postpartum evaluation. What I got was really practical, current guidance and exercises to strengthen my body–after baby, yes, but everything I learned would’ve benefited me before. Many of us go into pregnancy with a body that has accommodated a modern, sedentary lifestyle. After the physical feat of pregnancy, I wanted to start from the bottom up–literally–to feel strong again. I hope you’ll call Allison and discover this for yourself!


Allison’s deep knowledge and experience was apparent from our first interaction. Her passion for women’s health is palpable and extremely encouraging. Within minutes of my first session I knew I was receiving excellent care and on a path to achieving my goals. Allison’s approach is empowering and also very realistic for the lifestyle that I, and so many other women lead. All of my “homework” was presented in ways that I found manageable and ultimately inspired me to develop a self-care practice that I have continued beyond our work together.


I truly thought I was not capable of learning how to properly do a kegel. Allison not only taught me how to do a kegel but she did it with grace and patience. Allison was amazing!!!!


In July 2017,  I went to ER twice for severe abdominal pain- later on found out the pain was due to large fibroids and that I would have to have surgery ASAP!  In August 2017, I had a hysterectomy and they removed everything but my ovaries. After 8 weeks recovery, I went back to work but was still in constant pain around lower abdomen and in pelvic area. The pain was minimal, but I knew it wasn’t normal and wanted to protect my pelvic floor for the future. After 8 months, I was recommended to PT with Allison Poole. This experience was such a blessing! Allison listened to my situation and was very understanding. She is very informative of the pelvic floor and knew exactly what to do.  I immediately saw results with the techniques she gave me to do.  I looked forward to going to see her every time because she was very patient and encouraging! Also I was super impressed with how much knowledge she had regarding strengthening and improving your pelvic floor. After 5 months, it felt so good to be pain free everyday! It was definitely the best experience I could do for myself to get complete healing from my hysterectomy and to protect my pelvic floor from any future issues. I would highly recommend Allison, she is worth every dollar you will spend! THANK YOU Allison!!


I was experiencing pelvic issues that my PCP (who had been practicing mainly in women’s health for many, many years) knew nothing about, so I did a bit of research and found Allison through an online search engine. We spoke on the phone first to see if her expertise would help me and it sure did!!! Allison first made me feel comfortable and then educated me on how the pelvic floor functions.  Once she assessed me, she gave me plenty of hope and confidence and many simple tools to use immediately.  On subsequent visits, she provided more insights and tools and more inspiration. I would highly, highly recommend Allison to anyone who is experiencing pelvic issues. I trust Allison, enjoyed her company and felt completely supported by her knowledge and experience as she guided me in my healing journey! –S.S.


Allison is caring, knowledgeable and is able to integrate many aspects of women’s health. She suggested I start breathing more effectively and it is already helping!


Allison is a knowledgeable and caring provider. I saw her after the birth of my second child for help with diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues. As others have mentioned, she not only expertly treated me but did so with my often-crying newborn in tow! Allison built a solid foundation of trust by patiently listening to my saga of complaints and was deeply committed to my care. When she determined that I needed additional specialist help for one of my issues, she conducted extensive research and ultimately referred me to a specialist who is excellent. I highly recommend her.