This is what I know to be true, if you allow yourself the space to heal, you can and you will. Here is what some of the women I have had the honor of working with have to say:

I was unfamiliar with the techniques and a little uncomfortable about it at the start, but Allison explained everything, took things slow, and made me feel a lot more at ease with everything.  Having an old dog learn some new tricks takes time, but I have been able to incorporate the breathing and stretching exercises into my daily routine.  I sleep much better now (still not a solid eight hours, but I blame that more on the wonderful menopausal hot flashes that now follow me everywhere),  I don’t have the urgency issues I used to have with urination, and (call me crazy, others have) it seems to me that since I’ve been far more diligent about the breathing techniques my now twenty-two year old “baby bump” seems to have shrunk.  My primary care physician balked at the treatment, saying it couldn’t be what was making a difference.  So I will end with this, even if another doctor doesn’t give this form of therapy the respect it’s due, try it anyway.  It made a huge difference for me.

Lisa F.

I started seeing Allison after being told I had a bladder prolapse. My physician asked if I wanted to have surgery never mentioning PT was an option. Thankfully, I found out about Allison from my acupuncturist. She was immediately encouraging and I felt very confidant with her approach and treatment plan. After 3 visits, although I know it is not going away, I know what to do about it, ( including no heavy lifting.)

Mary Ellen

Very professional, friendly and helpful. Allison is amazing at teaching the correct exercises and making sure you know exactly what to do to get back on track. Highly recommend.

Lisa G.

I have worked with Allison on issues both post surgical and postpartum. She created an individualized program for me that I could work on at home when I had limitations in my schedule. Plus, she is a wonderful person! I so appreciate all that she has done for me. I highly recommend her!


Allison is AWESOME! She is personable, super knowledgeable, and down-to-earth. Every appointment is productive, and she offers a variety of at-home exercises for continued improvement. I always leave her office feeling better physically and having learned something about my body. I highly recommend Allison to anyone seeking physical therapy and especially to women seeking support for wellness and strength in the postpartum period.

Mary Q.

I started seeing Allison in the last two months of my pregnancy, as I was experiencing some pretty debilitating back/pelvic/hip pain when walking. She has been great and I’ve seen a marked improvement in only a few weeks! Highly recommend!


This should be a mandatory treatment for all postpartum women!


I’ve been working with Allison for a few months following the birth of my first baby. The pregnancy and birth left my body feeling ravaged, and holding my baby girl was bittersweet as I was experiencing so much physical pain (vaginal tears, hemorrhoids, prolapse, urethral pain, severe SI joint pain, pubic bone grinding when I walked). I’m not embarrassed to share these “embarrassing” results of having a baby because I want other women to know that if it happens to you, there is totally hope! Pelvic physical therapy is the ticket, and Allison Poole is amazing. I don’t know how I would have even begun to attempt to address the physical injuries of birth and my postpartum recovery without her! I feel so much less horrified by my injuries and more and more confident that I will recover and feel completely normal again. My symptoms get better all the time. (I even had sex for the first time this week, and I do NOT think that would have happened if it weren’t for her.) GO SEE HER, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Women’s health is serious business, and when you are taking care of a baby, you need to be able to function. Plus, Allison is just a great person to talk to. Really, I cannot recommend her enough.

Caitlin S.

Allison is very accommodating of busy, working moms. She makes her patients feel at ease and offers entertainment for children in the form of books and drawing, and makes breast feeding an infant mid-session feel like a normal part of parenting, as it should be! I couldn’t be happier with her ability to deconstruct psychological barriers to finding time to fit in the exercises, and making obstacles into assets (your baby is your medicine ball!). Her evaluations give you attainable goals, and a sense of progress as your strength improves. Simplicity and clarity are key to her successful treatment strategy. I have been driving an hour to see her so I only go about once a month, but I’m glad I decided to give it a try!

Emily D.

I worked with Allison for a few months after the birth of my second child. She was such a calm and encouraging presence and was always very understanding about accommodating my baby, who accompanied me to my appointments. And most importantly, she helped me feel better! My pelvic floor symptoms improved dramatically and I feel like Allison set me on a path for sustained health. I cannot recommend her more highly.