I am extremely pleased with the results I got from working with Allison to strengthen my pelvic floor. From the first phone call I made to set up an appointment, Allison made me feel at ease talking about my issues with leakage and stress incontinence. Allison explained everything she was going to do before my exam so I was prepared and well informed. I learned so much about my body and gained a lot of self confidence. I didn’t realize how much my bladder was ruling my life until it wasn’t anymore. Allison helped me recover from an issue that I had been living with for 10 years! I reached all my goals including being able to play with my children and run a 5k without leaking and now have begun training for a 10k. To anyone hesitant to spend the time or money on yourself and your health I’d say it was worth every minute and every penny and my only regret is not getting help sooner. My experience with Allison was truly life changing.