In July 2017,  I went to ER twice for severe abdominal pain- later on found out the pain was due to large fibroids and that I would have to have surgery ASAP!  In August 2017, I had a hysterectomy and they removed everything but my ovaries. After 8 weeks recovery, I went back to work but was still in constant pain around lower abdomen and in pelvic area. The pain was minimal, but I knew it wasn’t normal and wanted to protect my pelvic floor for the future. After 8 months, I was recommended to PT with Allison Poole. This experience was such a blessing! Allison listened to my situation and was very understanding. She is very informative of the pelvic floor and knew exactly what to do.  I immediately saw results with the techniques she gave me to do.  I looked forward to going to see her every time because she was very patient and encouraging! Also I was super impressed with how much knowledge she had regarding strengthening and improving your pelvic floor. After 5 months, it felt so good to be pain free everyday! It was definitely the best experience I could do for myself to get complete healing from my hysterectomy and to protect my pelvic floor from any future issues. I would highly recommend Allison, she is worth every dollar you will spend! THANK YOU Allison!!