Julie L.

Allison Poole’s pelvic floor physical therapy services at Koru PT have been LIFE-CHANGING. I only recently even heard of pelvic floor PT and had lots of questions about what it is, who it’s for, and what the background of the PT practicing it would be. But, after years of multiple OB/GYNs not taking my concerns around pain seriously, I was willing to try anything to address pain issues.

Allison has a beautiful and well organized website where it was easy to book my first appointment. I signed up for the intro package which included the first assessment, 2 follow-up appointments, and a phone consultation all at heavily reduced prices and I’m glad I chose this option. Her office is a lovely, comfortable space and I appreciated the initial thorough discussion of my background, and then her in-depth explanation of pelvic floor PT, how she works, and what to expect. She has this great 3D model of the various layers of muscle and tissue that make up the pelvic floor which was really helpful to visualize.

For the physical part of the assessment she could not have made me feel more comfortable and explained each step before doing anything. She was able to pinpoint the location and movements involved in my pain right away, which was a huge relief because 1) it was validating to finally have a medical professional acknowledge that the pain was real, and 2) now that I understood the where and why of the pain I could FINALLY address it!

She gave me a ton of exercises (some were similar to adapted yoga-like stretches that target my problem areas, others were breath-based, and others were physical related to stretching extra-tight muscles), tools, and resources. I left feeling so empowered. She helpfully sends an email with a personalized page of all the of these resources and explanations/reminders of how to use each.

Results? After actually following up with my homework and resources: no. more. pain.

Life changed.