In 2016 I had the copper IUD inserted. It didn’t go well from the beginning and six months later I found out it was attached to my uterus and it had to be removed. Then I tried a second time and that didn’t go well and also attached to my uterus and had to be removed.

Flash forward to 2019:  I’ve been enduring pelvic pain for three years, researching like a crazy person coming up with all these self-diagnoses of what it could be. Do I have cysts? Is it endometriosis? Finally I came to the conclusion that I had pelvic organ prolapse. I panicked. And in this panic I also discovered that pelvic PTs exist. I asked my best friend who she had seen and I got the life changing recommendation to see Allison.

My quality of life has improved drastically since my first appointment with this seriously amazing woman! Turns out I did not have POP, but just really really tight pelvic floor muscles and scar tissue causing nerve pain. Finally everything made sense. I don’t know if anyone could have explained it as well as Allison did. She knew immediately, after asking just a few questions, what I had been dealing with for three years.

Since my initial appointment four months ago, I have almost fully recovered and I am now 99% pain free throughout the month. Allison gave me the tools I needed to heal myself and after a month I had made almost a full recovery. I can never fully express my gratitude for Allison and the work she does. She is truly incredible. She is so knowledgeable and has the gift of being able to explain such complex information in a way that anyone can understand. Every time I visit her for a check in I feel like I’m going to see a friend. I can not recommend Allison enough. She brings so much hope to the world of women’s wellness.