When I first saw Allison, I had been dealing with a bladder prolapse and stress incontinence for 8.5 years. 8.5 years! I had been to a PT after the birth of my first child but had seen limited results after a regime that relied heavily on kegels. Fast forward two more babies and a few more years and I knew that I needed to get this under control. I wanted to return to running without the worry of leaking. Allison was so informative, explaining how the pelvic floor functions within the whole body. After a few sessions with her, consistent homework on my end and a pessary to help support my body, I am now leak free. It feels almost unbelievable to me that I can run (hard, uphills or even when really hydrated) without any problems. I didn’t realize how interfering it was until it wasn’t a problem anymore. I’m even heading to the trampoline park with my kids…to jump. That’s right. I’m gonna jump on a trampoline and I’ve had 3 kids. If that’s not testament to Allison amazing skills as a therapist, I don’t know what is.