I was late in my first pregnancy, driving to work while listening to a podcast when I learned that pelvic floor physical therapists even existed. I was worried I had diastasis recti because of some coning I was noticing in my belly while being active accompanied by hip and pelvis pain. I did an online search and found Allison.

The first meeting was very informative with easy takeaways that I felt I could fit into my busy schedule. Our plan, since I was so late in the pregnancy was to meet up again after baby was born. Little did I know that the birth of my son would bring about its own list of issues for me: from the 3rd degree tear I had that lead to bladder emptying issues, to the strained ligaments around my tailbone that caused me to be unable to sit or drive for about a month.

Allison was great! She answered my midnight emails sent to her during my first couple of weeks postpartum, when I was freaking out and needed someone on my healthcare team to help me understand my injuries and give me tangible advice on what I could do to help myself. Allison had me working on healing before I even was able to drive to see her, which made our first meeting postpartum very productive.

She also helped me feel empowered to give my body the patience and grace it deserved during this time. Each time we met was more valuable than the last, and she held my baby when I had to bring him to appointments! I love the app she uses to give me my exercises too, I can just log in and see all of her recommendations and advice from our visits all in one place. I can’t recommend pelvic floor PT more, especially from Allison!