Caitlin S.

I’ve been working with Allison for a few months following the birth of my first baby. The pregnancy and birth left my body feeling ravaged, and holding my baby girl was bittersweet as I was experiencing so much physical pain (vaginal tears, hemorrhoids, prolapse, urethral pain, severe SI joint pain, pubic bone grinding when I walked). I’m not embarrassed to share these “embarrassing” results of having a baby because I want other women to know that if it happens to you, there is totally hope! Pelvic physical therapy is the ticket, and Allison Poole is amazing. I don’t know how I would have even begun to attempt to address the physical injuries of birth and my postpartum recovery without her! I feel so much less horrified by my injuries and more and more confident that I will recover and feel completely normal again. My symptoms get better all the time. (I even had sex for the first time this week, and I do NOT think that would have happened if it weren’t for her.) GO SEE HER, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Women’s health is serious business, and when you are taking care of a baby, you need to be able to function. Plus, Allison is just a great person to talk to. Really, I cannot recommend her enough.