Pregnancy & Postpartum Care

Prenatal Support

A woman’s body goes through a remarkable transformation during pregnancy and childbirth. Hormones cause ligaments to relax to allow the baby to grow, our posture adapts to growing breasts and belly all while we continue to move about our days. These changes can lead to common aches to debilitating pain in the pelvis, back and hips that limits basic movements, sleep and overall physical and mental wellness.

You do not need to wait until the pregnancy is over to address your pain. We can not only decrease your pain safely and naturally, we can also help you prepare for birth and the physical demands of childcare after birth.

Have confidence and awareness of your body for labor and delivery as well as healing thereafter. Learn about your pelvic health, self-care techniques as well as strategies for daily activity, including gentle exercises and body mechanics for a pleasant pregnancy and postpartum!

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Postpartum Guidance

It takes approximately 9 months (give or take) to grow another human being. However our society deems it normal to “bounce back” and slip into our skinny jeans and running 5Ks in just weeks. This unrealistic expectation, along with the stress of figuring out how to keep another human being alive or adjusting to new family dynamics can exacerbate an already delicate mental state of a newly postpartum mom.

Common Postpartum Issues:

We can help you establish a strong foundation for safe return to activity and exercise as well as address these common, not normal, postpartum issues. You are not alone, and these issues can be addressed conservatively and efficiently with the proper evaluation and guidance. A healthy, strong mom, makes for a happy mom!

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