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What is Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy and How Can it Help?

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles located in your pelvis between the pubic bone and your tailbone. These muscles support the spine, pelvis and internal organs, aid in bladder and bowel function as well as aide in sexual appreciation. pelvic floor

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles, just like anywhere else in your body, we treat them as such, they just happen to be in a different neighborhood that no one likes to talk about. When the muscle function in and around the pelvis becomes imbalanced, our bodies may experience a variety of symptoms. Many women suffer in silence and accept their pelvic condition as normal while compensatory movement strategies lead to pain and dysfunction far beyond the pelvis.   

Common Conditions Treated:

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You are more than your pelvic floor, and pelvic floor physical therapy is more than just kegels. I am a physical therapist specially trained in women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation. I will complete a thorough evaluation and build an individualized treatment program to help you regain balance to your health and wellness so you can get back to the activities you love with the people you love.