Rainy Day Ideas To Do With Your Baby Or Toddler Around Brunswick

Rainy Day Ideas To Do With Your Baby Or Toddler Around Brunswick

Personally, I love a good rainy day! They can be so cozy and force me to focus on some much-needed in-home projects. But add a child, or two…or more? That cozy rainy day can turn long and stifling. Here are a few things that you can do indoors with some little ones in tow!


Baby and Toddler Engagement

  • Rumpus Room: Located in the heart of downtown, The Rumpus Room houses gross and fine motor activities as well as a specific baby and toddler room. This is a great place to get some energy out as well as meet other local parents.


  • YMCA: Be it family swim or a structured swim lesson, swimming is a lifelong skill (I’m partial as this was my personal sport growing up)! Locations in both Bath and Freeport.


  • Curtis Memorial Library: The Curtis Memorial Library in Brunswick, to me, is one of the best. I love how there is a separate room for kiddos since “inside voices” can sometimes be hard. They also have a calendar list of events coming up that are free!


I Need Baby-Friendly Community

  • Maine Mother and Company: Maine Mother and Co has tremendous groups designed to help you feel more like a part of your community. These baby-friendly groups meet weekly and allow you a chance to meet other moms with babies of a similar age.


I Need to Move

  • Koru Core Postpartum: This 8-week class (taught by yours truly) focuses on pairing postpartum education with exercise. We talk about several changes you might be experiencing in the postpartum as well as build your core and pelvic floor foundational strength to help you return to exercise and movement safely. This class is hosted only a few times a year and seats are very limited, so join the Koru mailing list to ensure you snag your spot!


  • Sundara Yoga: Located next to Wildflours, the best gluten-free bakery in Brunswick, Sundara offers yoga classes that include both babies and toddlers! Their class also includes infant massage and exercises to aid in your baby’s motor skills.



  • Bowdoin Museum of Art: Is it ever too early to introduce your baby to fine art? Joking aside, the Bowdoin Museum is generally pretty quiet during the week which means this might just be the perfect location for your baby to contact nap while you get a chance to walk around and stimulate your brain with things other than Little Einsteins. Plus it is free!


  • Flight Deck Brewing: Ok…hear me out on this one. Maybe not totally appropriate for a “baby” list but in my experience, breweries are one of the most child-friendly places. Breweries are great because they have a low-key, chill vibe that doesn’t blink an eye to crying babies or giggling toddlers. Grab your best parent friend for a drink at Flight Deck where high-top tables are perfect for standing to rock a fussy little one.


  • Waterfront Flea Market: Maybe not toddler safe, but if you are a fan of baby-wearing and need to get out of the house, this Flea Market might be a great option for you. Even just window shopping and getting a chance to talk to local vendors. Located at Fort Andross, this is a great place to stretch your legs indoors and even find some one-of-a-kind goods. Hungry? Try out the new restaurant, Nomad, located right out back.

Let us know if you try out any of these spots and be sure to share your favorite things to do with your family in the mid-coast area.

Written by Megan Kressbach

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