Physical Therapy Telehealth…How Does That Work?

Physical Therapy Telehealth…How Does That Work?

You Can Do That Virtually?!

Yes! Physical Therapy can be done online with telehealth! With this unexpected crisis on our hands, upending our normal way of life for now, many businesses have had to pivot and figure out how to continue to provide their services in a different way

So you might be asking yourself, “How can a physical therapist, especially a pelvic floor physical therapist, still do physical therapy with telehealth?“

I might not be able to physically touch you, but there are a lot of other things I CAN do:

  • Complete a thorough intake of your medical and pelvic floor history
  • Review foods and drinks that might be playing a role in constipationurinary symptoms or pain
  • Movement screens and strength testing ‘tests’
  • Teach bladder or bowel habits and routines to get you on track
  • Education on pain science and pain management strategies
  • Strength training and exercise program progressions
  • Breathing mechanics
  • Movement and mobility training
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Consultations
  • Hysterectomy Preparation and Post-Op Consultations
  • Health Coaching

Just to name a few things I CAN do! When I can’t use my hands, it gives you an opportunity to assess for yourself (with my guidance) and tune into your body in a whole new way.


What Would A Virtual Session Be Like?

We’d chat for a bit first, then get moving! As long as I can see you move and you can see me, we can get a lot done. As far as the pelvic floor specifically, there are a few strategies we can use (all without having to show me your vulva on camera!).

Like any session, we would make a plan moving forward and I would send you a follow-up email with the exercises and instructions for you to do at home before our next session.


Still Unsure?

Telehealth or virtual sessions can be a great fit even when we aren’t amid a global health crisis. Women with busy schedules, can put the kids down for a nap and get in a session, people who are recovering at home postpartum or post-surgery or those who live in rural areas and have to drive further for appointments.

It’s a great option and often our treatment plan will be hybrid of in-person assessment and virtual sessions. It really depends for each person.

If you’re curious if a virtual telehealth physical session is right for you, let’s chat! I offer a complimentary 30 minute phone call where we can discuss what’s going on, what your goals are and what makes sense for you moving forward. Click here to schedule a session!

Written by Allison Poole, PT, MPT, WHC

Allison takes a modern approach to women's hormone and pelvic health by taking the hard work and confusion out of caring for your body. She combines her 20 years of clinical expertise, compassion and personal experience to help women navigate perimenopause and menopause with ease.

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