Not All Lubes Are Created Equal

recommended products

Not All Lubes Are Created Equal

recommended products

Like many products in the health and beauty business, lubricants can be full of junk! Using “bad lube” can lead to skin irritation, hurt the skin’s natural barrier defenses and can lead to pain, yeast infections and dryness (all things we’re trying to avoid!).

Ingredients to Avoid:


This“cooling” ingredient or a sensation enhancer is an alcohol that may severely irritate the skin, causing long-term skin pain


This is a numbing product that irritates skin surfaces. It lowers your ability to feel pain and can increase the risk of skin trauma and longer-term damage. (This can sometimes be prescribed by your healthcare provider for specific reasons)


This is often found in warming, sensitizing or “arousal-enhancing” lubes. It iis the oil of very hot chili peppers…so yeah something you might not want to put down there. Once applied, it triggers a pain reaction in the nerves that can last long after you’re done sexy time.

This preservative is found in many medical lubricants (KY Jelly) destroys normal, protective genital bacteria that help fight infections and maintain health.


I thought I’d share some trusted brands that I recommend to women every day. ( I’m thinking I want to moonlight as someone who names lubes for a living…)


slippery stuff lubricant bottle

Slippery Stuff

This stuff is what I use in the clinic. It’s water-based with not much in it. It is a but goopy, but is a good trusted option (and it comes in the biggest bottles ever!)

good clean love products

Good Clean Love

Just as the name suggests, this lube uses safe, natural ingredients and organic ingredients whenever possible. Their products are designed to NOT damage vaginal tissue, (imagine that!?). They have a variety of products and options for your needs.

yes yes yes product


This organic lube is also moisturizing to the vaginal tissue…you know I love a good multitask! Their price point is great for the quality and is recommended by pelvic PT’s worldwide.

citrine cbd products

Citrine CBD

I love this company. A woman-owned company right here in little ol’ Portland, Maine empowering women’s sexuality with the use of CBD. Their products are oil-based (known to break down latex condoms) but is a great option for those looking to enhance healing and pain relief. I sell this in my office, so give me a holla if you’d like to check it out!


So next time you reach for the lube, check those ingredients! Symptoms like pain, dryness, itching, odor…could be coming from that lube. Yuck!


I hope you have a sexy, well-lubricated Valentine’s Day!


Having pain with sex despite all.the.lube? The pelvic floor almost always plays a role in pelvic pain, and many women can enjoy a healthy sex life following guidance of a pelvic floor physical therapist. Want to learn more? I offer a complimentary phone conversation so we can talk about what you’ve been dealing with and how I may be able to help.

Written by Allison Poole, PT, MPT, WHC

Allison takes a modern approach to women's hormone and pelvic health by taking the hard work and confusion out of caring for your body. She combines her 20 years of clinical expertise, compassion and personal experience to help women navigate perimenopause and menopause with ease.

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