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How Do You Want to Feel in the New Year?

Happy New Year!

The busy hustle of the holidays are behind us and it feels like we can take a breath and relax. I wanted to get to reflection and intention setting over the break, but I did not. With all of the posts last week and this week about resolutions and intentions I’ve been finding myself drifting into “compare and despair” – to feel bad about not doing this yet, like I’m behind or tardy on an assignment. Then I remember it’s only the second week of the year and I’m going to be ok if I sit down this weekend or next month. (It’s legal to set intentions in February, right?) A few years ago, this would not have been the case. I’d see it as a failure of not setting my resolutions so said resolutions would be null and void. “How can I achieve my resolutions if I can’t even write them down?!” 

Every day, women sit in my office and apologize for not doing their exercises “as much as they should” or “I could be doing more, better, etc.”  I too suffer from the constant negative self-talk. The type-A, over-achiever person that I am has always looked ahead or back, but rarely stopped to acknowledge the present. I think as women, as mothers, we are often thinking about what’s next. We have our running to-do lists in our heads right along side our “should or want” lists, that we seldom get to because that to-do list never ends. We are left feeling like we have failed, (and exhausted) no matter how hard we try.

What I want you to know, is you are enough, you are doing enough. You can be enough and still want to do better. But in this moment, you are enough.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. 

So instead of writing down all of your goals, resolutions or intentions…I want you to think about how do you want to feel (today, this week, this year)? What would “exercising more” feel like? Would it make you feel more energized, refreshed, strong? What does “meditate every morning” feel like? Would it make you feel more calm, present, reflective? So if my intention is to feel more calm there are many ways to feel more calm that I can incorporate into my day. I could meditate, but I could also take 3 slow breaths when I feel stressed. I could turn off my phone after 8pm. I could go to yoga. I could drink tea instead of coffee. All of these things contribute to my feeling calm. See the difference? If we have a feeling, meaning or “our why” connected to our goal it can then be connected to our daily life versus just another thing [we didn’t get to] on our to-do list.

Want more guidance on getting to this space of feeling instead of doing (or not doing)? Schedule a complimentary phone consult. We’ll get clear on what you want for your health, what places you’re feeling stuck, and how to create a clear path and plan! It’s complimentary because I really care about you getting what you need for your success.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes and the very best for you in the New Year!

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