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Ice is Nice

If you have ever suffered an acute injury, whether it be your knee or ankle, you know how comforting and pain-relieving ice can be. If you have suffered an injury to the perineum (i.e. vaginal birth or surgery) or have pelvic pain (i.e. pain with sex, vaginismus, vulvodynia) ice is a great and effective pain reliever. 

You can buy products just for this purpose, but you can also make your own. They’re simple, inexpensive and you probably have all the supplies in your bathroom already.



  • witch hazel
  • water
  • 3-6 basic pads (period or incontinence)
  • gallon zippered bag


  1. Open the pads and lay them flat on the counter
  2. Pour some water into the absorbent side of the pad (enough that the pad will hold it without being totally saturated).
  3. Squirt some witch hazel on top, a few layers.
  4. Place into the zippered bag (flat) and freeze solid, at least overnight.

When you need one, place in underwear until it’s thawed. Ahhhh…now isn’t that nice?

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