Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness is a clinic designed for women of all ages looking to restore, renew and reclaim their health.

I have a unique approach to treating women as whole beings, not just a body part or symptom. I specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy, functional nutrition and health coaching to give you optimal, lasting results. I put you in the driver’s seat of your care.

Women are made to believe that pain with periods is normal, pain with sex is their fault, pain during pregnancy is part of the deal, leaking, weakness and pain after baby is normal and menopause is a terrible phase of life. The truth is, this is not part of the deal. You do not have to accept anything less than feeling like yourself. 

At Koru Physical Therapy & Wellness, it is my mission to create a community around supporting women to live their lives to the fullest. I empower you to put yourself on the list, to take care of yourself first with a manageable, realistic game plan for your busy life. Get one step closer to feeling your best. 

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I started seeing Allison in the last two months of my pregnancy, as I was experiencing some pretty debilitating back/pelvic/hip pain when walking. She has been great and I’ve seen a marked improvement in only a few weeks! Highly recommend!


I was surprised to learn that my physical therapy with Allison Poole would improve my emotional well-being as well as my physical strength. As an older mom, I haven’t felt as strong since the birth of my son. Allison has helped me to gain strength and control in the areas of my body that need support, and as a result I have been sleeping better and have more confidence in my self overall. Allison is such a wonderful provider, intentional and insightful. I appreciate that she offers hours and exercise plans that are realistic for working parents. I feel like I am getting the best care with her.


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