Koru Physical Therapy and Wellness is a clinic designed for women of all ages looking to restore, renew and reclaim their health.

I have a unique approach to treating women as whole beings, not just a body part or symptom. I specialize in pelvic floor physical therapy, functional nutrition and health coaching to give you optimal, lasting results. I put you in the driver’s seat of your care.

Women are made to believe that pain with periods is normal, pain with sex is their fault, pain during pregnancy is part of the deal, leaking, weakness and pain after baby is normal and menopause is a terrible phase of life. The truth is, this is not part of the deal. You do not have to accept anything less than feeling like yourself. 

At Koru Physical Therapy & Wellness, it is my mission to create a community around supporting women to live their lives to the fullest. I empower you to put yourself on the list, to take care of yourself first with a manageable, realistic game plan for your busy life. Get one step closer to feeling your best. 

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I worked with Allison after my third baby was born. I was having a flair up of a back injury that was bothering me after pregnancy and delivery. She taught me some new exercises that I was able to easily incorporate into my daily routine and encouraged me to find space to heal after pregnancy. I was able to get back into my exercise routine again postpartum and feel better. She is patient, calm and we had some good laughs along the way too.


In July 2017,  I went to ER twice for severe abdominal pain- later on found out the pain was due to large fibroids and that I would have to have surgery ASAP!  In August 2017, I had a hysterectomy and they removed everything but my ovaries. After 8 weeks recovery, I went back to work but was still in constant pain around lower abdomen and in pelvic area. The pain was minimal, but I knew it wasn’t normal and wanted to protect my pelvic floor for the future. After 8 months, I was recommended to PT with Allison Poole. This experience was such a blessing! Allison listened to my situation and was very understanding. She is very informative of the pelvic floor and knew exactly what to do.  I immediately saw results with the techniques she gave me to do.  I looked forward to going to see her every time because she was very patient and encouraging! Also I was super impressed with how much knowledge she had regarding strengthening and improving your pelvic floor. After 5 months, it felt so good to be pain free everyday! It was definitely the best experience I could do for myself to get complete healing from my hysterectomy and to protect my pelvic floor from any future issues. I would highly recommend Allison, she is worth every dollar you will spend! THANK YOU Allison!!


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